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Developments in modern communication technology are pushing up massively the demand on wireless transmission capacities and qualities in terms of reliable radio links amongst space-borne, air-borne and ground-borne systems & networks.

More than ever the radiated performances of antennas play a crucial role in respect of pattern, gain, polarisation purity, as being one of the major design parameter for any kind radio link considerations.

Precise knowledge about propagation characteristics of electromagnetic fields is essential when it comes to verification, approval, marketing and operation of any kind of RF radiating and receiving device or installation, especially for security relevant systems.

When your requirements exceed standard solutions EADS Astrium might be your first choice for cost-efficient and customer-tailored RF Test Facilities, RF Test Services, as well for tracking Satellite Ground Station Antennas & Feed Systems.

We appreciate your interest and welcome you to the new EADS Astrium’s website for RF Facilities.



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